Health Benefits of Massage

Written by: fiona Date of published: . Posted in Massage

Having a professional massage should be an enjoyable and pleasant experience and if done properly will provide many benefits.

The most noticeable benefit that you’ll see following a massage is an improvement in the circulation of your blood as well as some stimulation of the lymphatic system which helps in the disposal of your body’s “waste”.

A full body massage can vary from 30 up to 90 minutes, depending on the type of massage being carried out.

For people looking for something slightly more “intense”, many therapist will also offer a deep tissue massage. This type of massage isn’t intended to hurt but is performed with an increased amount of pressure. This kind of massage is best used for relieving your body of muscle knots. Your therapist will not want to cause you discomfort and will keeping checking that you’re comfortable with the amount of pressure being applied.

An aromatherapy massage is a more peaceful and relaxing experience which employs specially formulated oils with a slow and smooth technique.

After having a massage, you may notice that your body will start to feel warm and may even turn red in some areas. This is caused by the increased flow of blood in your body due to a release in pressure, caused by the massage.

For people suffering from cramps and spasms in their legs, arms and neck, a massage will also help relieve these cramps and spasms, leaving your body feeling “free” again. Your therapist will advise you to drink plenty of fluids after your massage. This will allow your body to become replenished much quicker.

As well as provided a host of physical benefits, a massage can also provide a string of mental health benefits, which in itself, will provide the body with another physical benefit.

Massage has also be proven to help people suffering from depression, anxiety and stress. Following a massage, many report feeling more relaxed, less anxious and able to focus themselves more affectively.

It is generally advised that anyone suffering from a fever or an infection of ay kind should NOT have a massage carried out on them as this could potentially do more harm than good!