Facial Treatments

Additional Info:

Fiona’s most popular service is her facial cleanse and tone which is the best way to restore a healthy and happy look to your face.

Fiona will start your facial by applying a cleanse and tone to your face. She will then exfoliate the skin around your cheeks, jaw, upper lip and forehead to clean the pores.

Once the skin has been thoroughly cleansed, Fiona will apply a range of aromatherapy oils which have been specially selected for individual skin types. This will drain the skin of any toxins.

Fiona will then apply a special balm and massage for ten minute into the face and scalp.

A mask will then be applied before Fiona carries out an arm massage. Once the massage is finished, the mask will be removed to reveal a rejuvenated and refreshed you!

Fiona can provide three different facial services starting with the simply, yet highly affective Facial Steaming for just £15.

Fiona offers a Mini Facial which features everything above but with a slightly shorter massage for £20.

For the full works, Fiona can offer a Full Facial for £35 which has been very popular.

Call Fiona today to book your Facial in Southampton on 07585 450105