Hopi Ear Candling

Additional Info:

Hopi ear candling is an ancient therapy which utilises a hollow candle to draw out old and dead wax from the ear canal, leaving you relaxed. This can be provided at your home or place of work in Southampton.

Fiona will place one end of a special candle called a Hopi Ear Candle inside your ear. The candle is essentially a cone of waxed cloth and is held steadily over your head. As the wax does not turn to a liquid, there is not risk of any wax dripping onto your head.

Whilst you are lying on your side, the candle will begin to burn away, producing a negative pressure which will draw out wax and debris from your ear canal.

Whilst lying down, you will hear the wax being drawn out as represented by a fizzing sound. The entire process is completely pain free and very relaxing.

A Hopi Ear Candle will typically burn for around 15 minutes. After which, Fiona will ask you to turn on your other side so as the administer the second candle in your other ear.

The Hopi Ear Candles used by Fiona bear the CE mark (93/42/EEC) which proves the products are designed and manufactured so as to not compromise the safety of patients.

Fiona can provide Hopi Ear Candling treatments for just £25 on a mobile basis.

Call Fiona today to book your Hopi Ear Candling in Southampton on 07585 450105