Waxing Treatments

Additional Info:

It’s a common misconception that waxing hurts. Modern methods are actually very quick and quite painless!

Waxing is an ideal method of hair removal for people with coarse or fine hair and will save you from shaving for a while. Fiona can come to your place of work or home in Southampton for your waxing and hair removals.

Fiona will apply a sticky wax to the area where the hair removal is due to take place. A thin cloth strip is then applied, rubbed and then quickly removed, with almost all of the hair coming with it. Rogue hairs are then gently removed with tweezers.

After a section is done, Fiona will apply moisturiser to the skin as the wax will have removed moisture from the skin.

Call Fiona today to book your mobile waxing treatment in Southampton on 07585 450105